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First Book in a New Series!

This month, I’m releasing the first book of my new mystery series, the Ghost Detective novels! These books follow Clothilde and Robert, the main characters from my Ghost Detective short stories, as they find a way to get out of the cemetery and go after the people who killed them thirty years ago.

If you haven’t read any of the Ghost Detective stories yet, you can pick up the first one for free through my newsletter.

If you have read them, well, I hope you’re as curious as me about finding out what happened to these two back in the eighties. I first thought the story would be another short story, only to discover it was an entire series of novels… I’m having a blast writing them, and the next two volumes are ready to go live in August and September!

Another short story is published today: Common Ground. The ebook should be up for free on most retailers (if it isn’t, try Kobo). It’s another Ghost Detective story, and it’s kind of a prologue to Beyond the Grave. So feel free to start with that one!

The forever rebellious Clothilde’s gravestone only mentions her first name and date of death. A small bump in the ground next to her grave marks former police officer Robert’s last resting place.

And in thirty years, no visitors for either of them.

Confined within the cemetery borders and yearning for closure to move on, the two ghosts can’t go after the people who killed them.

Until Clothilde receives her very first visitor — and along with it, the means to escape the cemetery.

Beyond the Grave is the first novel in the Ghost Detective series, following Robert and Clothilde in their search for justice.


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Kicking Off With a Collection

At one point in the past year, I signed up for a publishing challenge. Publish one book per month for a year. I know, I know, it sounds kind of crazy.

But the thing is, I have a certain number of books that I had the intention of getting out there, but I just wasn’t getting around to it. So I figured this challenge could be the kick in the butt I needed.

I have short story collections coming up, a new Ghost Detective novel series, at least one romance novel… All twelve ducks aren’t lined up yet, but I’ll get there. And I hope you’ll come along for the ride!

June marks the start date. A collection of mystery short stories has the honor of coming first:

Deep Dark Secrets

We all keep secrets. Sometimes our own, sometimes others’. Sometimes we keep them consciously, sometimes our subconscious does the hard work for us.

But at some point, the truth will come out. It may get us in trouble, it may save us.

What is absolutely certain: it will bring change.

Deep Dark Secrets is a collection of five mystery short stories: Hidden HorrorsOut of SightCold Blue EternitySitting Duck, and Just Desserts.


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Stories in Three Anthologies

This is a big month for me, short story wise. The second of my Ghost Detective short stories is published in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine issue #11, and I have two time travel stories in two different Cave Creek anthologies. So awesome!

I have upwards of ten Ghost Detective stories waiting their turn to appear in Pulphouse. I’m thrilled to find myself in volumes with such excellent writers.

Lost Friends is the second Ghost Detective story, and it’s one of my all time personal favorites. If you want to check out the magazine, you can find all the relevant links here.

Or you can wait until I publish the story individually in a few months.

Now, Cave Creek, is something brand new. Dean Wesley Smith has created a shared world, set in a made-up town called Cave Creek, Nevada.

Weird stuff happens in Cave Creek. It’s western and weird and time travel. And excellent storytelling.

Somehow, I managed to get not one, but two stories in there. There are three anthologies; one set in the past, one the present, and one the future. My stories are in the past and present volumes. But feel free to pick up all three!

You can find Moneyline Secrets in the “present” anthology: Open Ended Threat. And Family Secrets in the “past” anthology: Bitter Mountain Moonlight.

That’s a whole lot of weird stories. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did!


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Free Story: The Magic of Sharing

This year, I’m lucky enough to have a story in WMG’s Holiday Spectacular. Basically, it’s an advent calendar, with a story a day. Some are part of the Mysterious Christmas anthology, some are in the Sweet Holidays anthology, and some are in Fantastic Christmas.

And today, it’s my turn, with my story The Magic of Sharing. The story will be available for free here for one week. It’s still possible to pick up all 37 stories of the calendar at WMG!

This story is part of the Fantastic Christmas anthology. I took at trip home to Norway during the holiday season, and paid a visit to the nisser.

Missed the Story?

This story was only available for one week. No panic, though! You can still get it, either through the WMG Fantastic Christmas collection when it will be available, or when I publish it myself once I get the rights back.

If you want another free story, you can head over and sign up for my newsletter, where you can download The Red Brick Haze. I’m warning you, though: that story is nothing like this one…

Happy Holidays!


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A Second Chance: A Holiday Short Story

One more holiday story before the end of the year. This is more of a post-holiday story, really, but I think it still fits in December.

I wrote this ages ago but never got around to publishing it – and I don’t even know why! Better late than never, right?


A Second Chance

The Christmas tree stands at the very center of the action during the holidays. It lights the way through the dark, guards the gifts, brings joy.

But once the holidays end and the needles fall, the owners kick the trees to the curb. Quite literally.

Which is where I find them.

I listen to their stories, good or bad. And help them transition into the next phase of their existence.

A Second Chance is a fantasy post-Christmas story about letting go of the past and finding new beginnings.


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Morbier Impossible: A Holiday Short Story

It’s December! Time for holiday stories!

I had so much fun writing this one. Mice in parachutes! A dangerous cat. A platter full of mythical cheese. What’s not to love?

Morbier Impossible

What risks will you take for the perfect bounty?

Mice have no business jumping in parachutes, you say?

I couldn’t agree more.

And yet, here I am, about to throw myself into the void with nothing but a piece of cloth tied to my back.

But at the other end, if we succeed on this suicidal mission? The mythical Christmas cheese platter with its deliciously creamy Morbier.

Join the adventure as our hero faces his fears in his quest to put his paws on the perfect Christmas dinner.


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Cold Blue Eternity: A Mystery Short Story

Blog Post Cold Blue Eternity

Another short story is out! This one’s mostly mystery, set in the French Alps, but with a fantasy element.

Cold Blue Eternity

Cold Blue Eternity

In a tiny village perched at the foot of a great glacier in the French Alps, a specific brand of crazy haunts its inhabitants.

An old lady bakes poisoned cookies. A man robs the bank every time he sets foot inside the doors. A woman tries to murder her husband whenever he cooks.

All manageable.

Until now.

Old legends. Repeating crimes. A melting glacier. Cold Blue Eternity takes the search for answers right into the belly of the beast.


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The Red Brick Basilica: A Tolosa Mystery

Remember that first book? The Red Brick Cellars? Well, I wrote a sequel, and quite some time ago at that. Then I stuck it in a virtual drawer and forgot about it.

Now I’m bringing it back out and it’s live on all the platforms today!

The Red Brick BasilicaThe Red Brick Basilica

Book 2 of the Tolosa Mysteries

Louis Saint-Blancat loves every aspect of Toulouse – the delicious food, the temperate climate, the laidback people. And the history! Every building and square guards bits of Toulouse’s past, from well-known events to morsels only revealed to the curious like Louis.

Especially the morbidly fascinating stories catch Louis’s interest in ways he can’t explain.

When someone slaughters a Catholic priest on the steps of the city’s largest mosque, reenacting the story of Saint Sernin’s death from the year 250 A.D., Louis fears Toulouse is in for an upheaval of disastrous proportions.

In this second installment of The Tolosa Mysteries, Louis must wade through political minefields and deal with an increasingly split population while searching for the culprit – and helping his beloved city stay unified.


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Just Desserts: A Ghost Detective Short Story

Finally, I’ve published the first of my Ghost Detective stories. I’ve been working with these characters for two years, so I’m really happy to finally share it with you.

This is just the first of many Ghost Detective short stories. You’ll be able to follow Robert and Clothilde for some time into the future! Most of the stories will first be published in Pulphouse Magazine, before becoming available here.

This first story, Just Desserts, was in issue #9 of Pulphouse, happily sitting alongside lots of awesome stories.

Just Desserts

Just Desserts

A Ghost Detective Short Story

Book 1

The screams reverberate through our cemetery as soon as the casket exits the church, with its large group of mourners in tow.

A new arrival.

Not everyone graciously comes to terms with suddenly dying and becoming a ghost. Hardly any of us, actually.

Especially when the person who killed us still walks free.


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Hidden Horrors: A Mystery Short Story

When I started writing this story, I knew – sort of – where I wanted it to go. A woman is meditating and then it takes her somewhere else. It was going to be fantasy, probably, something funny.

Yeah, no, not so much.

The story went somewhere else and I did nothing but follow along for the ride. This story’s a doozy. Creeped myself out, honestly.

Hidden Horrors

Sometimes our mind lets go of memories because it considers them insignificant. 

Sometimes it buries them deep, to protect us. 

But at some point, we’re ready to face our greatest fears, and the memories resurface.