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Love at First Flight

It’s time for a break from the mysteries. At least, that’s what my muse told me in the first months of the pandemic, when I started writing this month’s release, Love at First Flight.

No more dead bodies, no digging up graves, no weird crimes.

Although… Okay, if you read the blurb, you’ll see this story isn’t entirely without violence, but it’s all accidental, I promise.

Before the world as we knew it ended, I’d written what had been intended to be a romance short story, but really wasn’t. Short, that is. Getting these two characters together in five or six chapters just wasn’t possible. So I went back to that story, and took it where it wanted to go.

The result is a sweet, clean romance novel that I’m very happy with.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, too!

Love at First Flight

A perfectly delivered right hook to the face hardly announces the beginnings of a promising relationship. And yet, Thomas finds himself drawn to the beautiful, hot-mess-of-a-woman sitting next to him on the plane.

Isabelle, running from her old life with nothing but a carry-on and a bag full of chocolate, didn’t need to add assault to her list of worries. Nor her ill-timed attraction to the kind man whose glasses she just smashed into his nose.

Their story could have ended with an awkward parting at the airport, but destiny and a meddling brother clearly think otherwise — even though the hits keep coming…


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The Search for Justice Continues

This month’s release is Unveiling the Past, book 2 of the Ghost Detective novel series. I’ve been working on these books for awhile now, and I’m so very happy they’re finally out in the world.

Feel free to let me know what you think!

Not everyone can attend their own funeral. Not consciously and calmly, anyway.

Even Robert, a long-time ghost and something of a pro when it comes to final rites, finds it disconcerting. In the company of his long-time friend and fellow ghost Clothilde, Robert watches as his mother accompanies his remains to the grave — thirty years after his demise.

But why does Clothilde’s frail old uncle do the same? Does he know about the link between Clothilde and Robert’s deaths?

A funeral won’t put the past to rest — only solving the mystery of their own murders can bring closure.

And Uncle Lucien seems to hold vital clues…

Unveiling the Past is the second novel in the Ghost Detective series, following Robert and Clothilde in their continued search for justice.


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First Book in a New Series!

This month, I’m releasing the first book of my new mystery series, the Ghost Detective novels! These books follow Clothilde and Robert, the main characters from my Ghost Detective short stories, as they find a way to get out of the cemetery and go after the people who killed them thirty years ago.

If you haven’t read any of the Ghost Detective stories yet, you can pick up the first one for free through my newsletter.

If you have read them, well, I hope you’re as curious as me about finding out what happened to these two back in the eighties. I first thought the story would be another short story, only to discover it was an entire series of novels… I’m having a blast writing them, and the next two volumes are ready to go live in August and September!

Another short story is published today: Common Ground. The ebook should be up for free on most retailers (if it isn’t, try Kobo). It’s another Ghost Detective story, and it’s kind of a prologue to Beyond the Grave. So feel free to start with that one!

The forever rebellious Clothilde’s gravestone only mentions her first name and date of death. A small bump in the ground next to her grave marks former police officer Robert’s last resting place.

And in thirty years, no visitors for either of them.

Confined within the cemetery borders and yearning for closure to move on, the two ghosts can’t go after the people who killed them.

Until Clothilde receives her very first visitor — and along with it, the means to escape the cemetery.

Beyond the Grave is the first novel in the Ghost Detective series, following Robert and Clothilde in their search for justice.


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The Red Brick Basilica: A Tolosa Mystery

Remember that first book? The Red Brick Cellars? Well, I wrote a sequel, and quite some time ago at that. Then I stuck it in a virtual drawer and forgot about it.

Now I’m bringing it back out and it’s live on all the platforms today!

The Red Brick BasilicaThe Red Brick Basilica

Book 2 of the Tolosa Mysteries

Louis Saint-Blancat loves every aspect of Toulouse – the delicious food, the temperate climate, the laidback people. And the history! Every building and square guards bits of Toulouse’s past, from well-known events to morsels only revealed to the curious like Louis.

Especially the morbidly fascinating stories catch Louis’s interest in ways he can’t explain.

When someone slaughters a Catholic priest on the steps of the city’s largest mosque, reenacting the story of Saint Sernin’s death from the year 250 A.D., Louis fears Toulouse is in for an upheaval of disastrous proportions.

In this second installment of The Tolosa Mysteries, Louis must wade through political minefields and deal with an increasingly split population while searching for the culprit – and helping his beloved city stay unified.