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Just Desserts: A Ghost Detective Short Story

Finally, I’ve published the first of my Ghost Detective stories. I’ve been working with these characters for two years, so I’m really happy to finally share it with you.

This is just the first of many Ghost Detective short stories. You’ll be able to follow Robert and Clothilde for some time into the future! Most of the stories will first be published in Pulphouse Magazine, before becoming available here.

This first story, Just Desserts, was in issue #9 of Pulphouse, happily sitting alongside lots of awesome stories.

Just Desserts

Just Desserts

A Ghost Detective Short Story

Book 1

The screams reverberate through our cemetery as soon as the casket exits the church, with its large group of mourners in tow.

A new arrival.

Not everyone graciously comes to terms with suddenly dying and becoming a ghost. Hardly any of us, actually.

Especially when the person who killed us still walks free.


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