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Holiday Spectacular: The Case of the Disappearing Gingerbread City

I have the great pleasure to have a story in WMG Publishing’s Holiday Spectacular again this year. This time, it’s a mystery, albeit a weird one (which is why the editor, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, placed it in the A Weird Holiday Season anthology).

I’m allowed to share the story for free for one week after its appearance in the calendar, so here it is, for you enjoyment!

If you want to read all the stories of the calendar (and why wouldn’t you? 38 wonderful holiday stories!), you can still sign up right here. They’ll catch you up on all the stories that have already been published.

The inhabitants of Bergen, Norway take their gingerbread constructions very seriously, especially when it comes to their beloved pre-Christmas Gingerbread City. When calamity struck the sweet sculptures in 2009, a literal witch hunt spread throughout the country as they searched for the culprit.

Years later, police officer Ingelin receives a pre-dawn call, informing her somebody stole the train station, part of the docks, and the Eiffel Tower.

Fearing a repeat of 2009, Officer Ingelin knows she must solve the case before the media catches the story — even if it means treating the investigation like a serial killer manhunt.

Missed the Story?

There’s still time to sign up for the entire calendar (they have a catch-up sequence). Then the story will be available when the entire anthology comes out next summer!

Remember, if you want to try out one of my Ghost Detective stories, you can get the first one for free through my newsletter!


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Halloween Spectacular: Free Ghost Detective story

I have the great pleasure of having a story in the 2021 Halloween Spectacular. The deal is you get one short story per day, right in your inbox, over a week around Halloween.


On the Day of the Dead, families decorate the cemetery’s tombstones with chrysanthemums of all colors according to French tradition.

Even amid the rainbow of petals, one grave stands out. The last resting place of the young man who died six months ago. His mother brings him roses, while lamenting that her son’s “not there.”

As the resident ghosts, Robert and Clothilde can indeed confirm his absence in the afterlife — but it may not be for the usual reasons.

Missed the story?

I could only leave the story up for free for a few days, but not to worry, you can get the whole Halloween Spectacular anthology, starting November 4th.


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Stories in Three Anthologies

This is a big month for me, short story wise. The second of my Ghost Detective short stories is published in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine issue #11, and I have two time travel stories in two different Cave Creek anthologies. So awesome!

I have upwards of ten Ghost Detective stories waiting their turn to appear in Pulphouse. I’m thrilled to find myself in volumes with such excellent writers.

Lost Friends is the second Ghost Detective story, and it’s one of my all time personal favorites. If you want to check out the magazine, you can find all the relevant links here.

Or you can wait until I publish the story individually in a few months.

Now, Cave Creek, is something brand new. Dean Wesley Smith has created a shared world, set in a made-up town called Cave Creek, Nevada.

Weird stuff happens in Cave Creek. It’s western and weird and time travel. And excellent storytelling.

Somehow, I managed to get not one, but two stories in there. There are three anthologies; one set in the past, one the present, and one the future. My stories are in the past and present volumes. But feel free to pick up all three!

You can find Moneyline Secrets in the “present” anthology: Open Ended Threat. And Family Secrets in the “past” anthology: Bitter Mountain Moonlight.

That’s a whole lot of weird stories. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did!


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Just Desserts in Pulphouse Magazine Issue #9

If you like stories that are a little…different…this magazine is for you. Pulphouse Magazine is not specific to any genre, but it is specific to having great stories with a bit of a twist.

I have the great pleasure of seeing one of my stories – Just Desserts, the very first story in my Ghost Detective series – in issue #9!

Pulphouse Magazine Issue #9
Pulphouse Magazine Issue #9

There will be more Ghost Detective stories in Pulphouse – quite a few of them, in fact!

The print version should be available shortly and the ebook is already ready for download in all the right places. You can find it right here.