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Pin a Book: A Mother’s Secret by Renita D’Silva

Pin a Book: A Mother's Secret by Renita D'Silva

This week, I get another pin in the UK: Renita D’Silva. Like me, she seems to have several cultural influences and this shows up in her stories. For today’s post: A Mother’s Secret, which is set in India. The Pin a Book map is getting populated quite nicely!

Renita D'Silva headshotHow did the setting of your story impact your writing?

My stories are set partly in India and partly in the UK. In my stories, I attempt to contrast the cultures and attitudes in the two countries and explore the mindset of an immigrant, the question of displacement, the notion of belonging and the idea of home.

How or why is the setting important to who your character is?

My main characters are women who have grown up in India and are shaped by – or in some cases, refuse to be defined by – the constraints of a culture that tends to impose boundaries on them.
A Mother's Secret

When you visited France, which location did you prefer?

I love everything about France, its historic towns, its wonderful, bustling cities, its quaint villages and scenic vineyards.

Which part of France was exactly as you’d imagined it?

I adored the food in France and it is every bit as amazing as they say.


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