The setting is central to my novel, The Red Brick Cellars. It’s actually what inspired the whole plotline. It also gave me characters I saw clearly in my head.

Readers often want to escape to a different time or a different place, so I figured I’d bring my readers to the places I know the best. For my first novel, this meant Toulouse, France, but I’m sure I’ll end up in Norway too pretty soon!

I’ve started to interview other authors for whom the setting was important to their story, and on this page I’ll pin both authors and books to the map you can find below. I’m excited to see how many different pins I can get!

Only seeing numbers on the map? That’s normal, it’s just grouping several pins together. Click on the number and the map will zoom in on those pins. To see the details on author or book, just click on the pin.

Below you can find links to the Pin A Book blog posts done to date:


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