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The Red Brick Cellars: A Tolosa Mystery

The Red Brick Cellars: A Tolosa Mystery by R.W. Wallace

This is all very scary for someone who spent most of her life being invisible on the net. First novel, first website, first post, all in one go.


My very first novel, The Red Brick Cellars, is available! The eBook is already on Amazon and the print should be ready pretty soon. I’ll let you know.

What’s it about?

A murdered mayor. A second body reduced to skeleton and dust. The public display so horrific that the police are baffled.
Everyone assumes uninterested heir Louis Saint-Blancat will finally settle down and focus on the politics of Toulouse, France. Louis becomes the center of attention in the press while his mother and sister pressure him to follow the family’s political tradition when all he wants is to track down his father’s killer, then return to his globe-trotting lifestyle.
Determined to ferret out the story behind the perplexing assassination that took place at the very center of Toulouse to advance her career, struggling English journalist Catherine Marty finds an unlikely ally in Louis.
Will the two sleuths discover what is lurking beneath the apparent congeniality of la Ville Rose?

If you’re interested in a free copy in exchange for an honest review, please contact me (through any of the contact buttons in the sidebar or in the footer).
Available on Amazon: The Red Brick Cellars: A Tolosa Mystery (affiliate link)




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  1. Looking forward to reading your book!
    Good luck and god jul.

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