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Tales From the Trenches

While I mostly write fiction for adults, from time to time a Young Adult story pops out. After all, it’s a time of life filled with emotions and new experiences, be they good or bad, so it’s great story fodder.

I always publish my short stories as standalones, because I enjoy doing it. But I hardly expect to make a lot of sales on them. However, some of these Young Adult stories have surprised me and actually sell regularly.

This is why I’m so happy to finally have enough of them to make a collection. In fact, two of them are so recent I haven’t gotten around to publish them individually yet (but I will!).

So this month’s release is Tales From the Trenches, a Young Adult short story collection. The stories are from various genres: mystery, holiday, romance, urban fantasy… A little something for everyone!

You can get the book at the link below – and feel free to tell me what you think!

Nobody ever said high school was boring — or easy.

Everyone searches for their place — some do their best to fit in, others thrive in standing out.

From new-kid status to dealing with bullies and impossible parents, from coming face-to-face with weird Martians to being accused of murder on the very first day of school, the high school years are… unforgettable.

Tales From the Trenches is a collection of five Young Adult short stories across genres: First Impressions, Unexpected Consequences, The Lucia Crown, Let Them Eat Cake, and The Art of Pretending.


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First Impressions: A Young Adult Mystery Short Story

Here comes yet another short story. This one is a Young Adult story, but that shouldn’t stop the not-so-young adults from reading it!

I wrote the story in September, when the kids went back to school. It’s possible that the teacher’s name is weirdly similar to my daughter’s teacher – but the similarities stops there!

Anyway…let me know what you think!

First Impressions

Being the new girl in school is never fun.

I’m used to it, though. Spotting potential new friends, identifying the cliques to avoid, figuring out the school’s layout… Been there, done that.

Being accused of murder before the first class even starts? That’s new.