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Getting Justice Storybundle

Ten books on a common theme, and for only $15!

I’m thrilled to be part of this Storybundle on the theme of “Getting Justice.” It’s curated by Dean Wesley Smith and contains books by a group of wonderful writers.

Seriously, here’s your chance at getting a ton of great reading for only $15! And to top it all off, some of the proceeds go to the charity AbleGamers. You can read all about how Storybundle works here.

My book Beyond the Grave is part of this bundle. After all, Clothilde and Robert are searching for justice thirty years after their murders, so the story certainly fits with the theme.

Some books in the bundle, like mine, have fantasy elements to them, but not all. Some are very serious and dark (like Kris Nelscott’s Street Justice) and some are definitely on the lighter side (Robert Jeschonek’s Death by Polka obviously has some humerous elements).

There are full-length novels, anthologies, and short story collections.

Something for everyone! Dean explains it all to perfection in his blog post.

Go check out the Storybundle here – and don’t take too long, it’s only available for three weeks!