Halloween Harvest

Title: Halloween Harvest
Pages: 250
Publication Date: 04/11/2021

Not content to merely thrill and chill readers, these eleven Halloween stories, edited by Mark Leslie, also enthrall, intrigue, disturb, and inspire. They tell of the people and traditions, the age-old rituals that send shivers down the spines of even the most up-to-date trick-or-treaters.

From a farm family confronting the slow death of their way of life to two dead people given another day among the living, the characters in these stories, both human and nonhuman, explore the territory between living and dying.

Settle in by the light of the Harvest moon, and enjoy this enthralling harvest hayride of reading pleasures and treats.

“Day of the Living” by Annie Reed
“Huskie and Punkin’” by David H. Hendrickson
“Death Among the Scarecrows” by Tonya D. Price
“Buy Nothing Day” by David Stier
“Offerings for Wandering Ghosts” by Tao Wong
“Harvest Bride” by Jason A. Adams
“A Place at the Table” by Suzan Harden
“Under the Samhain Moon” by Barbara G. Tarn
“Still Here” by Stefon Mears
Heritage” by R.W. Wallace
“A Feast of Souls Beneath the Gathering Moon” by Lisa Silverthorne

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