Love at First Flight

Title: Love at First Flight
Genre: ,
Pages: 220
Publication Date: 17/02/2022

A perfectly delivered right hook to the face hardly announces the beginnings of a promising relationship. And yet, Thomas finds himself drawn to the beautiful, hot-mess-of-a-woman sitting next to him on the plane.

Isabelle, running from her old life with nothing but a carry-on and a bag full of chocolate, didn't need to add assault to her list of worries. Nor her ill-timed attraction to the kind man whose glasses she just smashed into his nose.

Their story could have ended with an awkward parting at the airport, but destiny and a meddling brother clearly think otherwise — even though the hits keep coming...


Flirting in Plain Sight

Title: Flirting in Plain Sight
Series: French Office Romance #1
Genre: ,
Pages: 190

Be sure to define the rules before you play…

Tristan will come out to his colleagues when he meets the right guy. He just hasn’t met him yet.

Fidi, out and proud, plays a game with his colleagues to prove that they treat him differently because of his sexuality.

But what happens when someone doesn’t play by the rules?

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This book was first published in 2019 under the author name Eva Saint-Julien.


Hiding in Plain Sight

Title: Hiding in Plain Sight
Series: French Office Romance #2
Genre: ,
Pages: 200

Like so many introverts, Laure has a secret persona online - one who writes romance. Every Saturday night, she gets comfortable with her blanket, her tea, and her laptop, and reads and writes love stories to her heart’s content.

In real life, she has a crush on her colleague Denis. She’d love to be as forward and adventurous as her characters and flirt with the guy, but her shyness stops her from doing more than asking for his help on correcting today’s bug.

Everything is going along just fine - until her two worlds start to overlap.

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Loving in Plain Sight

Title: Loving in Plain Sight
Series: French Office Romance #3
Genre: , ,
Pages: 50
Publication Date: 15/06/2021

As the country shuts down to fight the Corona virus, Denis sees an opportunity.

His girlfriend Laure has been unofficially living with him for months already, but she’s the only one who doesn’t realize this. Now that she has to choose where her home base will be for the upcoming weeks, Denis hopes she’s choose his place.

In fact, he wants her to stay for more than however long lockdown lasts. Like maybe forever.


This story comes after Hiding in Plain Sight. An epilogue of sorts, but from Denis' point of view. It is only available to newsletter subscribers.
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Down the Memory Aisle

Title: Down the Memory Aisle
Genre: , ,
Pages: 24
Publication Date: 28/11/2021

Like a house full of filing cabinets, our minds offer easy access to certain memories — your best friend’s smile, the name of your favorite chocolate cake...

Other memories prove more elusive, perhaps stored in a cellar or forgotten corridor.

But they’re all there. Nothing is forgotten.

The simple nudge of a frosty day and a familiar stroll may be all we need to bring lovely recollections from the deepest files and create space where fresh moments will be forever saved.