Crazy Christmas Capers

Title: Crazy Christmas Capers
Genre: ,
Pages: 200
Publication Date: 13/12/2021

Laugh at holiday escapades that go from bad to worse and shenanigans that just might land these characters on Santa's "naughty" list!

From foiled heists to not-so-carefully executed plans, they'll stumble and bumble their way through the holidays, and into your heart.

Contains stories by Annie Reed, Rebecca M. Senese, L.D.B. Taylor, Lauryn Christopher, C.J. Mattison, Katharina Gerlach, Kelly Zimmer, Michele Bazan Reed, R.W. Wallace, and Sarah Czarnecki. Edited by Lyn Worthen.

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The inspiration for Crooks and Nannies:

Sometimes, I get words or expressions mixed up in my head. I blame the French. While it often makes me laugh when I realize my mistake, this time it also turned into an inspiration for a story.

I was writing, and the words "crooks and nannies" appeared on the page.

I stopped. Squinted at the text.

Something’s wrong.

Wait, nannies doesn’t make sense, it’s crannies!

But crooks and crannies isn’t right either…

Oh! Nooks and crannies!

And instead of going on my merry way in the current story, a different one started taking off in an entirely different direction...