Till Death: A Ghost Detective Short Story

Title: Till Death
Series: Ghost Detective Short Stories #5
Genre: ,
Pages: 24
Publication Date: 27/08/2021

Double funerals are a rare thing in a tiny cemetery. Both deceased becoming ghosts even more so.

While resident ghosts Clothilde and Robert wait for their new compatriots to emerge from their caskets, the screams coming from below seem tinged with quite a bit more... anger than usual.

The promise of "till death do us part" takes on a whole new meaning with the fresh arrivals.

This story is included in the collection Unfinished Business, Volume 1.

I liked the previous story in this series, and this one is just as much fun.

Tangent Online

Till Death was on Tangent Online's recommended reading list for 2021, with two stars.

Tangent Online

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This story was first published in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Issue #13.

Included in Unfinished Business, Vol 1.