The Red Brick Basilica

The Red Brick BasilicaTitle: The Red Brick Basilica
Series: The Tolosa Mysteries #3
Pages: 350

Louis Saint-Blancat loves every aspect of Toulouse -- the delicious food, the temperate climate, the laidback people. And the history! Every building and square guards bits of Toulouse's past, from well-known events to morsels only revealed to the curious like Louis.

Especially the morbidly fascinating stories catch Louis's interest in ways he can't explain.

When someone slaughters a Catholic priest on the steps of the city's largest mosque, reenacting the story of Saint Sernin's death from the year 250 A.D., Louis fears Toulouse is in for an upheaval of disastrous proportions.

In this second installment of The Tolosa Mysteries, Louis must wade through political minefields and deal with an increasingly split population while searching for the culprit -- and helping his beloved city stay unified.


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