Severed Ties: A Ghost Detective Short Story

Title: Severed Ties
Series: Ghost Detective Short Stories #10
Pages: 36
Publication Date: 07/07/2022

Depending on the quality of one's company (or the lack thereof), Christmas can be the most wonderful and heartwarming day — or the absolute worst.

And of course, a nice covering of snow never hurts.

Clothilde and Robert never experienced a white Christmas in their thirty years as ghosts. As long as they had each other, nobody complained.

When the latest ghost arrives, buried the day before Christmas, Robert and Clothilde's decades-old traditions for the holiday are interrupted. Their new guest, impeccably polite though he may be, appears to have no desire to address his unfinished business.

Why does he linger if none of it matters to him?

This story is included in the collection Unfinished Business, Volume 2.

The quality of the tales in this series is high, and the latest example is no exception. Both the ghosts and the living are fully developed characters. The story has a powerful effect on the reader’s emotions, without sentimentality.

Tangent Online

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The story was first published in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, Issue #15, then reissued in Jingle My Bells.