Moneyline Secrets

Title: Moneyline Secrets
Series: Time Travel Secrets #1
Genre: ,
Pages: 24
Publication Date: 05/06/2021

How does a gal prove to her father that her mother is not a witch?

Gaëlle’s mother knows impossible things. Like the dates of natural disasters years before they strike. Or the winners of football games in the US, of all things.

While Gaëlle simply finds this odd, her father demands answers — or else.

A throwaway comment of a long-ago promise gives a clue about the origin of all the weirdness. Seeking answers before it’s too late, Gaëlle travels across the Atlantic to the old mining town of Cave Creek, Nevada — where weird is normal and secrets are a way of life.


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This story was first published in the Cave Creek anthology Open Ended Threat.