Just Desserts: A Ghost Detective Short Story

Just DessertsTitle: Just Desserts
Series: Ghost Detective Short Stories #1
Genre: ,
Pages: 34
Publication Date: 21/05/2020

The screams reverberate through our cemetery as soon as the casket exits the church, with its large group of mourners in tow.

A new arrival.

Not everyone graciously comes to terms with suddenly dying and becoming a ghost. Hardly any of us, actually.

Especially when the person who killed us still walks free.

This story is included in the collection Unfinished Business, Volume 1.


This is a most unusual detective story, filled with memorable characters, both dead and alive. It reminds me of Peter S. Beagle’s early novel A Fine and Private Place, which is high praise indeed.

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Just Desserts was on Tangent Online's recommended reading list for 2020.

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This story was first published in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Issue #9, then reissued in A Twist of a Knife and in Ghosts Among Us.


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