Family Bonds: A Ghost Detective Short Story

Title: Family Bonds
Series: Ghost Detective Short Stories #3
Genre: ,
Pages: 24
Publication Date: 24/06/2021

Being one of the cemetery's two resident ghosts for three decades can be a lonely existence — even more so when your sole friend disappears for several days.

While waiting for Clothilde's return, Robert decides to greet the newest arrival, an overly polite octagonarian who makes no claims of unfinished business.

But as her story unfurls, it becomes increasingly likely the old lady's affairs and Clothilde's disappearance are closely related — in more ways than one.

This story is included in the collection Unfinished Business, Volume 1.


It’s a combination of mystery and ghost story, with a strong ending and the possibility that there will be more stories about the ghosts involved.

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Family Bonds was on Tangent Online's recommended reading list for 2021, with two stars.

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This story was first published in Pulhouse Fiction Magazine Issue #12.

Included in Unfinished Business, Vol 1.