Common Ground: A Ghost Detective Short Story

Title: Common Ground
Series: Ghost Detective Short Stories #4
Genre: ,
Pages: 20
Publication Date: 15/07/2021

Life as a ghost can be a lonely existence. Robert counts himself lucky to have had Clothilde by his side for thirty years, as they watch the seasons pass, the mourners weep, and other ghosts come and go as they deal with their unfinished business.

When Clothilde makes a new friend in their latest arrival, Robert marvels at seeing her laugh and behave like a teenager again. Even if it means him being lonely. She deserves some hapiness.

But when a second girl arrives in their cemetery, a pattern emerges.

Robert and Clothilde must once again apply their crime-solving skills to go after their new friends’ murderer.

This story is included in the collection Unfinished Business, Volume 1.


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Included in Unfinished Business, Vol 1.