The Red Brick CellarsA Tolosa Mystery

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A murdered mayor. A second body reduced to skeleton and dust. Their public display so horrific that the police are baffled.

Everyone assumes uninterested heir Louis Saint-Blancat will finally settle down and focus on the politics of Toulouse, France. Louis becomes the center of attention in the press as his mother and sister pressure him to follow the family’s political tradition, while all he wants is to track down his father’s killer and return to his globe-trotting lifestyle.

Determined to ferret out the story behind the perplexing assassination that took place at the very center of Toulouse, struggling English journalist Catherine Marty finds an unlikely ally in Louis.

Will the two sleuths discover what is lurking beneath the apparent congeniality of la Ville Rose?

Buy NowThe Red Brick Cellars: A Tolosa Mystery

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Check Out the Locations on a Map

I’ve created a map with pins for all the real locations in Toulouse used in the story. Check it out here. I’ve added some comments and photos to each pin, and you can use the Google map to take a walk through the streets of la Ville Rose.


This whodunit is a fun read … I particularly enjoyed revisiting my school French, which wasn’t as rusty as I thought it would be. I thought the French phrases enhanced my enjoyment of reading this crime thriller. Read more on the Ajoobacats blog.

Amazing Debut novel. Highly recommended if you love a good mystery, mixed with family drama and politics. Read more on Amy’s Bookshelf.

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The first chapters of the story are available here.

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